‘Are You The One: Second Chances’ Episode 3 Elimination Spoilers

“Are You The One: Second Chances” saw a big upset on Wednesday’s Season 1 installment. Episode 3 saw the first The Choice steal of the season and resulted in one perfect match couple’s elimination. Find out who went home!

Alicia starts a storm in the house when she moves on from Gio to Asaf. Her perfect match and partner Mike adds to the drama by admitting to Alicia that he likes her too. Gio says the drama reminds him of his relationship with Kaylen and tells his partner Francesca it is unhealthy for him.

The Mission

The third mission brings the eight remaining couples to an animal sanctuary. There host Karamo Brown tells them that in relationships, both partners have to pull their weight. They are told for that their challenge, they need to get selfies with four different Australian creatures. However, it is not that easy. Before snapping a selfie, each couple must take turns completing chores. Karamo reminds them that if one person fails, they both fail.

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After the mission has the teams pluck chickens, carry armfuls of dead rats and sort through animal poop, Tori and Morgan come in first place after racing neck-in-neck with Shanley and Adam for the win. Shanley and Adam come in second and get $10K added to their account. Cameron and Mikala place third and get $5K.

Asaf and Kaylen and Gio and Francesca fight to remain out of last place. Despite making Francesca cry and failing to communicate during the mission, Gio and Francesca come in ahead of their competition. When Asaf and Kaylen learn they’re last and up for elimination, Kaylen says her partner isn’t motivating enough for her. Asaf apologizes and says he doesn’t take her for granted.

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Back at the house, Gio blames Francesca for their lack of a relationship. Francesca says Gio knows the house will vote them in and is just passing blame onto her. Gio yells his partner is weak and if they lose, it’s her fault.

Later, Gio asks Francesca if she’s planning to quit so he can go out with a bang, but she doesn’t respond. When she warns him they’re likely going home, he tells her “pack your bags.”

Francesca tells the cameras she plans to steal their collective winnings if they end up on the chopping block.

Elimination Ceremony

At The Choice, Gio calls Mike and Alicia “fake” after finding out about their feelings for each other and soon after learns he and Francesca are up for elimination. Alicia says she’ll go crazy if Gio stays.

At the podium, Francesca changes her tune and tells Gio that she wants to stay in the game. Gio says he feels the same way and doesn’t want to let her down. “You’re my perfect match and I wouldn’t trade you for nobody,” he says.

Shanley tells the cameras they’re both acting fake and that’s why they’re meant to be together. Meanwhile, Devin says he’s banking on seeing a double steal.

Devin doesn’t get exact his wish, but Francesca does shock the house by stealing the money. Gio, on the other hand, decides to share it with Francesca, leaving him with none of the $20K. Because of Francesca’s actions, Asaf and Kaylen remain in the game.

Francesca explains her decision by saying she felt it was their time to go. Gio says he didn’t steal because he didn’t want to let his partner down. Gio goes on to hug Francesca and says he doesn’t blame her for her. He says Francesca did help a favor because he needs to go home and get help.

ayto second chances
ayto second chances

Francesca and Gio were voted into elimination in episode 3 of “Are You the One: Second Chances.” Photo: MTV

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