One sentenced for firearm violation, trial set for assault on six responders in Chamberlain incident

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Sep. 17—CHAMBERLAIN — One man was sentenced and a woman is set for trial after a March incident outside a bar led to the man waving a gun and the woman allegedly assaulting police.

Jason Sillaway, 44, of Oacoma, was sentenced Sept. 10 in a Brule County courtroom for an incident in which he produced a firearm while intoxicated.

Court documents say shortly after 1 a.m. on March 28, police in Chamberlain were called to Courtland Street and King Avenue to a report of a man waving a pistol around. Reporting parties told police that a woman was following them while talking on her phone as they left the Silver Dollar Bar.

When the men walked by an alley, there was a man on his phone that the parties say was acting strange and got close to them. One party said after pushing Jason away, he began digging in his bag and produced a pistol.

As the parties ran away, they say Jason yelled at them, asking if they think they're tough.

As police searched for Jason, they found Elisa Sillaway, 33, of Oacoma, walking in the lane of traffic across the Wheeler Bridge.

An arrest affidavit for Elisa says that she refused to stop walking when police ordered her to, and pulled away from an officer who grabbed her arm. She refused to answer any questions regarding Jason, and denied any knowledge of the incident at the Silver Dollar. She was cleared from the investigation.

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Police continued searching for Jason, and located him farther down the bridge from where they spoke with Elisa.

When Jason noticed the police car, authorities say he reached into his waistband, leading police to draw their weapons. Though Jason turned and placed his phone to his ear, a pistol was visible tucked into his waist.

Police were able to secure the gun, which had six rounds in the magazine and a live round in the chamber.

While questioning Jason on the bridge, authorities allege that Elisa walked up and "jabbed" her shoulder into an officer's back, knocking him forward. She was wrestled to the ground, and had to be carried to a police car. After transporting Jason and Elisa to the jail, authorities say Elisa kicked an officer in the chest, and had to be carried into the booking room.

When the officer returned to handle Jason, a state trooper said Elisa was being uncooperative and had kicked a deputy, kicked the trooper, and was kicking and hitting paramedics. She was placed in a restraint chair and calmed down.

However, the affidavit says that while staff was changing Elisa's clothes, they called for help, as Elisa was trying to kick them. She was restrained again, changed and placed into a cell without further incident.

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When authorities returned to Jason, he invoked his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, and was booked into jail after providing a preliminary breath test reading of .168%.

Jason was originally charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a loaded firearm while intoxicated. He accepted a plea agreement to defer prosecution of the assault charges in exchange for pleading guilty to the possession charge.

He was sentenced to 180 days in jail, with 175 days suspended and five days credit for time served. He was ordered to pay a $300 fine in addition to court fees.

Elisa pleaded not guilty to six counts of assaulting a law enforcement officer or other emergency personnel and to one count of resisting arrest. All seven counts were recharged by criminal complaint, and a jury trial was scheduled for Dec. 13.

Both are also currently facing separate charges from an alleged stabbing that took place in Oacoma in May, which police say happened after an argument where Sillaway accused the victim of killing their chickens and cats. Elisa was charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault, while Jason was charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. Both pleaded not guilty to all charges in that matter.

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