One shot dead in fresh Haiti protests

Port-au-Prince (AFP) - A man was shot dead during a new round of anti-government protests in the Haitian capital calling for the president and prime minister to resign.

Clashes broke out when hundreds of youth tried to break through police barricades to enter the presidential palace.

"We found a body. The victim was in his thirties. We have not yet identified him, but he was not participating in the demonstrations," police spokesman Garry Derosiers told AFP.

It was unclear who fired the deadly shot.

On Friday, President Michel Martelly said Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe was ready to resign to help end the country's political impasse amid the widespread protests, but stopped short of saying when this might happen and whether he would leave too.

"I need to feed my kids. I am a single mom. The government does nothing to change our lives," said a protester who only gave her name as Yolaine.

People also took to the streets in other cities across the country to call for a change in government.

Opposition parties have planned further demonstrations in Port-au-Prince.

An advisory commission set up by the president recommended this week that Lamothe resign as anti-government protests have deepened the nation's political crisis over a failure to hold parliamentary elections in the last three years.

The commission also recommended disbanding Haiti's electoral council and freeing political prisoners.

During a national address on Friday, Martelly said he accepted the commission's proposals and would work to implement them quickly.

Martelly said meetings would begin on the issues Monday.

Martelly's foes accuse him of returning Haiti to dictatorial rule.

The legislature's mandate expires in January, leaving Martelly to rule by decree.

Opposition parties have condemned any move allowing the president to rule by decree and their leaders have met with US diplomats over seeking an end to Martelly's government.