How One Talk Show Host is Inspiring a Generation of People to Wake Up and Follow Their Passions

Through all of our schooling, entry level jobs, and information that we consume on our way to finding our ‘dream career’ in life, we are never presented with the option to choose our passion over everything else. Society pedals a narrative that it is better to be safe and predictable, than it is to go against the norm and do something bold and daring in the name of our own innate passions.

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The result is a mundane life, one that we feel we are living out of alignment with our true purpose. It’s this very phenomenon that inspired one talk show host and entrepreneur to do something a little differently with her show, Wake Up, once launched. As a platform for spreading hope and empowerment, Wake Up is the brainchild of Marci Hopkins and her IG handle is @officalwakeupwithmarci_ , who provides her guests with a safe space for sharing their stories and experiences through candid, meaningful, engaging, and educational conversations.

The idea is that by the end of the show, every listener will feel a nudge to ‘wake up’ from their current situation to go on and pursue their happiest life.

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Based on the hardships and struggles that Marci has endured thus far in her life, including surviving sexual abuse and coming out of addiction as a now five-year sober individual, entrepreneur, and a mom, Marci has forced herself to work through the trials and tribulations, finding love for herself along the way.

“When I started my healing journey, I never imagined that I could feel this content, happy, and aligned,” said Marci. “I have felt called to share this exact healing formula with everyone who listens to Wake Up, as I am on a mission to inspire and empower listeners to seize the day and put their happiness first.”

A Platform for Uplifting Conversations

Wake Up has been touted as a unique kind of show that prioritizes engaging and uplifting conversations, filled with education on everything from beauty and mental health, to actionable tips for changing one’s life and mindset. Not to mention, the show has welcomed A-list speakers that include Suzanne Sommers, Kim Fields, Sheryl Crow, John Stamos, Ryan Serhant from Million Dollar Listing NY on Bravo, Gilles Marini, and Debbie Allen to name a few.

Viewers and critics alike have claimed that the show is, ‘one of the most inspirational shows available today, one that has helped them work through dark and difficult times in their lives.’

“I have had countless people reach out and share how my show and inspiration has made a difference in their lives,” said Marci. “That is the reward right there, knowing that my show is making a true difference.”

Wake Up presently airs on WLNY NY on Saturday at 10AM EST. The show is listened to by over 2.8 million people on the NY channel, and additionally streams on NJ on Air to 500k-to-1 million video viewers per month.

As Marci has proclaimed, ‘we all deserve to live our happiest lives.’