Here’s one way the iPhone 6 will likely be less exciting than you hoped

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Here’s one way the iPhone 6 will likely be less exciting than you hoped

Some iPhone 6 rumors claimed the handset will pack a slightly more interesting logo than its predecessors, saying that Apple’s iconic image would light up to signal incoming notifications. Since then, a hands-on video showing the purported iPhone 6 case revealed that the logo on the back of the phone will not light up, with a recent image leak also showing a simple iPhone 6 Apple logo that lacked any components that would be required to light up. A third image leak, via, a Taiwanese publication that has leaked several other alleged iPhone 6 parts, also seems to point out that the iPhone 6 will have a regular, uninteresting, logo on the back.

FROM EARLIER: Never-before-seen iPhone 6 components appear in another huge leak has posted images showing a box of iPhone 6 logos ready to be fitted on the rear case of the handset, all seemingly lacking any kind of components that would indicate any sort of special function.

Just like with other leaked iPhone 6 components, it’s not clear where the differently colored iPhone 6 logos originate from, or whether they’re genuine.

In addition to the purported iPhone 6 logos (image below), the publication has posted other leaked iPhone 6 components (available at the source link).


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