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    So if you want me to pretend like it isn';t happening shouldn't we be able to go to the beach or bar, yeah ok, lets do that and see what happens.
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    Even DIY or unfitted masks can reduce the risk of getting an infection by 80%, not just transmitting it to others. As for giving us a false sense of security and increasing risky behaviors, with everyone wearing masks we will be reminded that anyone can be infectious and we should still stand apart when possible.

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    Yeah, I Ate The Cheese
    I question the accuracy of the numbers because in the vast majority of cases serious preexisting conditions such as diabetes, heavy smoker and extreme obesity are all contributing factors to the deaths of these people. Very few healthy people with no serious preexisting conditions are dying due to coronavirus. And that's a fact.
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    Imagine how different the response would have been if this had only happened during the administration of a real president?
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    Dave. R
    History has told us what happens when people ALLOW DEMAGOGUES and OCCULTISTS to attain power .

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    Stay Indoors
    Since the Conservatives aren't concerned don't give them any medical treatment when they get the virus. Seems fair to me.
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    Neal S
    For them, it's all about trying to make trump look good. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!! LOL!!!!
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    Urinate On Liberals and Yahoo
    or, Pretend Yahoo isn't happening
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    Oh you mean how China hasn't reported a single new case in weeks.
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    Of course right wingers are going to question the numbers. They can only count up to ten...