Oneonta KFC plans move to Southside

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Jul. 19—The KFC on Main Street in Oneonta will be moving to Southside Oneonta.

"We are on the verge of purchasing land," said Liz Fusco, KFC owners representative. "We were under obligation from corporate to upgrade the facility and one of the stipulations is that it has to have a drive-thru. There is no opportunity to put a drive-thru at the Main Street location."

KFC has been in Oneonta for 52 years, Fusco said. "It was the first KFC franchise in the area for the Rosenbloom family.

The Oneonta Town Planning Board's April 19 minutes said the Alistar Oneonta LLC — KFC proposed to build the new restaurant at 5083 state Highway 23 in Oneonta. According to the minutes, the property abuts the Susquehanna River and the planning board declared itself lead agency in the State Environmental Quality Review process. The plans submitted to the planning board said there would be one entrance and one exit to the restaurant and the parking lot would be paved with blacktop and concrete for the drive-thru area. The plans said a neighbor is letting KFC tap into their well and they would put the pipes in place to hook up to the municipal water when it gets to the restaurant.

"We are putting in municipal waterlines, along Southside," Oneonta Town Supervisor Robert Wood said. "We hope to have it completed in the spring or summer 2022. This will allow for more development. Currently, 40% of land along Southside is vacant. We installed sewer lines and are now installing water."

According to the June 7 minutes, KFC submitted its site plans to the state Department of Transportation, which requested the restaurant add a sidewalk along its location. The minutes also said KFC would add a six-foot fence between it and an adjacent property owner and would design the parking lot so no runoff would go to the adjacent property.

"We are sad to be losing them," Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig said. "But, you know businesses do turn over. We have no doubt that location will be home to a new business in Oneonta."

The KFC move is not the only new store Southside will get. The board approved site plans April 5, to add a Starbucks next to Buffalo Wild Wings.

"It was originally going to be a Mavis Tire," Wood said, "but COVID hit and they backed out. Having a Starbucks go there, we've really hit the big time. It's a great location for it with the hotels behind it."

Wood said he hoped developing Southside would help businesses in the city of Oneonta too.

Vicky Klukkert, staff writer, can be reached at or 607-441-7221.

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