The OnePlus 7 Pro's camera shown off lifting 49-lb cement block

To accompany the launch of the OnePlus 7 Pro on Tuesday, the company published a video demonstrating the durability of the pop-up camera that day showing it lift and hold a nearly 50-lb cement block in the air.

In order to shrink the OnePlus 7 Pro's bezels into virtual non-existence, the company had to move the front camera lens from the conventional location in the display to somewhere else; following in the footsteps of Oppo and Vivo, OnePlus's latest flagship features a pop-up camera -- one that's strong enough to lift a 49.2-lb cement block.

Like those who had introduced the sliding mechanism before, the company wanted to avoid any worries that may arise about the strength of the feature by documenting it survive a harsh durability test.

In a video published by OnePlus on Tuesday, coinciding with the launch of the device, a OnePlus 7 Pro is seen lifting a cement block weighing in at 49.2 lbs over a foot high and holding it there. This complements the company's promise that you can pop the camera up over 150 times each day for five and a half years without wearing it out.

To further protect camera, the pop-up piece automatically retracts if the device detects that it's been dropped.

The lower-tier version of the device, the OnePlus 7, does not benefit from the same front camera mechanism. Instead, it features a teardrop bezel on the display to house the lens.

While the OnePlus 7 Pro will be launching this week and next across the world depending on your provider and country of residence, the standard model will be available in June. The premium option will start at $669, and the standard model will likely start around the same price of the OnePlus 6T which starts at $579.