UPDATED: OnePlus 7T set to debut in North America and India September 16 and in Europe on October 10

The launch of the T-version of OnePlus's 7 Pro is reportedly right around the corner. Pictured here: the OnePlus 7 Pro.

On Monday, OnePlus announced that the OnePlus 7T Series will be unveiled on September 26 in North America and India and on October 10 in Europe.

Earlier this year in June, the Chinese smartphone company famous for manufacturing budget-friendly handsets with flagship components OnePlus launched the first device from its latest series: the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. On Monday, the debut dates of the higher-performance variations of the device -- the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro -- were announced by the company; three events will be taking place in various locations where the OnePlus where the device will launch: The North Amercian and Indian reveals will take place on September 26 while the European reveal will take place on October 10.

The handsets were previously expected to be introduced on October 10 and released on October 15 according leaker OnLeaks, who has a reputation for accuracy, and partner Compareraja.

While the launch dates turned out to be inaccurate, OnLeaks's history of correct predictions suggests that his summary of leaked specs holds some truth.

Apart from the camera lenses and dimensions of the upcoming devices, not much appears to be different from the entry-level OnePlus 7 Pro. In fact, OnePlus themselves revealed that the device will have a 90Hz display -- exactly like the 7 Pro.

Based on the information provided by OnLeaks and Compareraja, the 7T and the 7T Pro displays are expected to measure in at 6.55-inches and 6.65-inches whereas the standard 7 and 7 Pro have 6.41-inch and 6.67-inch displays. All will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU -- albeit the new ones using the slightly faster 855+ processor -- and Adreno 640 GPUs. Instead of having a dual-camera set-up on the rear like the OnePlus 7, the 7T and 7T Pro will purportedly don a third, telephoto lens on the back offering better zoom just like the 7 Pro.

As of right now, the cost of the upcoming models is still unknown; however, the OnePlus 7 Pro starts at $669 which suggests that the price tag of the T-iterations will be slightly higher, but in the same ballpark.