The online history of creator Chris Chan, who was charged with incest after leaked audio was posted online about mom

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The history of Chris Chan is long and complicated
Christine Chandler from 2007 to 2021 has evolved as an online entity. CWCki
  • Since 2007, Chris Chan has been at constant war with the internet denizens that mock her.

  • Continuing to engage with these actors, Chandler experiences waves of harassment.

  • Prior to her recent arrest, Chandler announced that a "dimensional merge" is going to happen.

Christine Weston Chandler, known online as Chris Chan, was recently arrested on charges of incest after recordings appeared to depict her suggesting that she had relations with her 79-year-old mother.

Chandler is known on darker corners of the internet as one of the most cataloged people online. Facebook posts, private messages, YouTube videos, and even purchase receipts from her hacked email accounts are all available. Chandler divulged some of this information herself, while other aspects were gathered by trolls who teased and manipulated Chandler online by pretending to be girlfriends, imaginary rivals, or fans.

Chandler first became known for her outlandish offline behavior, before gaining notoriety for creating the Sonichu character, which became a meme fascination. Now Chandler maintains a YouTube channel with 50,000 subscribrs and a Twitter account, and draws commissions and art to maintain a living.

Chandler's following has ranged from ironic onlookers to trolls over the course of the past 13 years. She's picked up a small but devoted following who chronicle her every movement on the CWCki.

Here are the key moments of Chandler's life, as documented by (and on) the internet.

Chandler first became known for her 'Love Quest'

Chandler was born in February 1982, in Ruckersville, Virginia to parents Robert and Barbara.

According to a 2004 intake survey done by a doctor at the University of Virginia Health System that Chandler shared with trolls, she was diagnosed with "autism at around age five or six." She attended Manchester High School in Midlothian, Virginia, describing the four-years in a 2013 Facebook post as the best days of her life.

In 2000, she created Sonichu for a high school project, a cross between the Pokemon Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonichu has become Chandler's most long-lasting creation, with her making over a dozen comics that she's posted online. For a majority of her time online, Chandler wore a Sonichu medallion around her neck at all times.

While attending Piedmont Virginia Community College in 2003, Chandler chronicled her "Love Quest" in her own online diary, where she carried around a large sign that read "Seeking an 18-21-Year Old Single Female Companion," approaching women and asking for a date. After weeks of holding the sign on campus, the Dean of Students banned Chandler from using it while on school grounds, according to Chandler's edits on the CWCki.

"Not one woman would give me the time of day or even a passing glance as I sat with the sign next to me. I felt lonely on those days," Chandler wrote in the edit that she's admitted in YouTube videos was her.

Undeterred, Chandler continued to use the sign and technique at the Charlottesville Fashion Square mall throughout 2004 to no success, according to journal entries from the year. Mall security guards, which Chandler had dubbed "jerkops," banned her from the location without a parent present according to transcripts from her diary.

After the ban, Chandler moved her "Love Quest" online, inviting trolls into her life.

Chandler started posting Sonichu comics online, piquing the interest of trolls

In 2004, Chandler created her own Sonichu website where she started posting comics of the character. The work went relatively unnoticed until 2007, when a forum user on the Something Awful forum posted about how they had seen Chandler's sign and started to dig into their online persona. Soon, other forums like 4chan picked up on Chandler and started to dig into her history.

One of these users created a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica, a now-defunct hate-website dedicated to NSFW trolling, that quickly became the most popular page on the platform. It featured unauthorized pictures and conversations about her and in a 2007 email, Chandler described her discovery of this site as the "worst weekend" of my life.

In response, Chandler updated the page herself, calling it "information overload" and eventually posting five nude drawings. The interaction just encouraged the trolls to try to get a response out of Chandler, which sometimes worked.

For the next decade, trolls pretending to be girlfriends would encourage Chandler to do and share videos of inappropriate content.

Chandler lost her father and home

In 2011, Chandler's father Robert died of heart failure, devastating her. Another life-changing event would happen in 2014, when an extension cord fire burnt down the Chandler family home, Chandler would post about the fire on Facebook, sharing that she "lost our home and our memories." A CBS 19 report said that the house fire started around 3 a.m. and that it started in a first-floor bathroom.

Financial burdens stemming from the house fire and debt accrued after the passing of Robert caused Chandler to have to sell off belongings and create sculptures, comics, and art to be bought by fans on Patreon, Ebay, and Etsy.

A 'dimensional merge' brings fictional characters into our world, according to Chandler

Throughout this period, trolls continued to fester in Chandler's life. Chandler has said in videos and on Twitter that fictional universes are real and can be reached through a "dimensional merge."

Over the past three years, Chandler has continued pushing the idea of the "dimensional merge" on her social media. In November 2020, Chandler posted a video on her CWCVilleGuardian YouTube channel, saying that "portals have been appearing between worlds, causing dimensions to collide." She states that the pandemic and natural disasters are a sign that all life on earth will be "extinguished" when the dimension of Sonichu characters collides into our reality.

She also says in the video that six months ago she "merged" with Sonichu, shares a body with the character and has "every power you can think of in this dimension and then some, no exceptions."

She has stated that she is in a "polyamarous relationship" with fictional characters from her own Sonichu world, as well as the Pokemon Mewtwo.

On July 30, a call and texts were shared on the Kiwi Farms forum, of someone purported to be Chandler saying that she had had a sexual relationship with her mother Barbara. The call quickly spread throughout social media.

On August 1, Chandler was arrested at a hotel in Charlottesville on charges of incest, with the arrest being live-streamed on YouTube.

Chandler was transferred to the Central Virginia Jail

On Wednesday, Chandler was transferred to the Central Virginia Jail from Henrico County where she was behing held. On Monday, the Henrico jail confirmed she was being held without jail and no court date had been established.

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