Online series portrays life in Lebanon's old Sidon

STORY: These men are using black comedy to portray the daily struggles of Lebanon's old Sidon

They are producing an online series called 'Sidon Story Telling'

The actors dress in traditional clothes to reenact the old days in Sidon's heritage cafes

All the scenes are filmed and edited on phones, while props and clothes are donated by friends

One episode shows people protesting the high prices of products and asking the local mayor to interfere

Mohammad Jawhar says it was inspired by the current economic crisis in Lebanon

[Mohammad Jawhar, Actor]

“The guys and I decided to volunteer to do this in order to shed the light on Sidon and its heritage and the beautiful things and events that used to happen here between neighbors. Our generation doesn’t know this and we ask older people about what happened back in the days, we are portraying these things in order to film a small series about Sidon.”