ONLY ON AP Suburban women may hold White House key

Lines are being drawn in the suburban sand of Pennsylvania and other battleground states where both President Trump and Joe Biden are vying for a coveted voting bloc - suburban women. (Oct 19)

Video Transcript

JAMIE PERRAPATO: I think Donald Trump has a problem with all women. He definitely has-- he definitely has a problem with suburban women. So now, if you're talking about, you know, white, college educated women, those women have been trending away from him to begin with.

DONALD TRUMP: The drug companies don't love me too much, just in case you haven't heard.


Suburban women, would you please like me?


Please? Please?

SUZANNE BLADES: I'm supporting him because I feel that his base fundamentals is rooted in American history and what our forefathers wanted to build for America.

MICHELE VAUGHN: I was never frightened about the future of our country from an economic standpoint, from a health and welfare of our community, and from an environmental standpoint. There just seems to be no boundaries that this man will take in order to achieve whatever greed and special interest he's in the corner of.

IRENE MARKERT: I truly believe in President Trump bringing on forward women even more so than previously previous presidents and not holding them back.

PATRICIA GREEN: I don't see the compassion. I see self-interest motivated behavior. And we are one America, and we should all be treated like you promised because we voted for you. I did not vote for him, but for those who voted for him the first time, to me, he owes a commitment to them as well.

SHAWNA JENSEN: I feel if there's a wrong, I need to right it. And I was wrong in voting for him in 2016, and so I want to make it right.