Only the best memes you need to see from Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2

Laura Capon
Photo credit: HBO

From Cosmopolitan

When Gendry finally realised what a catch Arya really was

However, our collective reaction when they finally got together...

When Brienne would just not give Tormund even the tiniest of inches

But he (and Jaime) were still very much obsessed with her

How we felt when we peeped that Ghost had returned to Jon's side

No, seriously, we're still not over it

When Cersei's absence didn't go unnoticed

When we realised Jaime knighting Brienne reminded us of something

When Tormond really wanted everyone to know he was breastfed by a giant at 10 years old

Simply the most accurate Tweet we have ever seen...

How we imagine Jon was really feeling throughout that entire episode

When Arya was the only one getting any action

When Jon didn't mess about telling Daenerys who his real father was

When you do the math on Arya and Gendry and come back to this iconic quote from way back in season 1...

Remembering that Bran is a complete and utter creep

When Gendry suddenly lost the ability to count

That moment when Podrick went acoustic on us

And everyone was suddenly desperate to defend Jaime

When the fun times were over...

And we realised that bloody George RR Martin is playing us all

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