Only correct course of action for Russia is to "surrender and withdraw" Ukraine's representative to UN

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During the UN Security Council meeting, Serhii Kyslytsia, Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN, said that in order to save the lives of both Ukrainian and Russian citizens, the Russian Federation has only one course of action: surrender and withdraw.

Source: Kyslytsia’s statement, on Facebook

Quote: "By launching its aggression against Ukraine in 2014, by invading Ukraine in February 2022 Russia has violated the norms and principles of practically all fundamental international documents, including bilateral and multilateral agreements, the Helsinki Final Act and, first and foremost, the UN Charter."

"Not a single state present in this Chamber, besides Russia, is responsible for the Council’s inability to effectively perform its functions under the UN Charter. It is solely the presence of Russia in the permanent seat of the Soviet Union that has immobilized the Security Council in relation to ensuring the peace and security of Ukraine.

We are defending ourselves, Europe, the world and the UN Charter, and we will keep on fighting until the last inch of the sovereign territory of Ukraine, including Crimea, is liberated. I emphasize, in strict accordance with the provisions of Article 51 of the UN Charter that we all have committed to uphold.

We will fight against the occupiers until all the Russian soldiers who entered Ukraine to kill its people are defeated. The only thing that Putin can do to save the lives of his soldiers is to order their immediate withdrawal."

Details: Kyslytsia recalled that it was due to this global unity, due to lend-lease, due to the assistance of the American people and other Allies, that the free world succeeded in defeating Hitler.

"The evil of Putin as that of Hitler before him requires a global response. This was the case during the Second World war. This is the case right now and Ukraine and its allies are doing their best to ensure such a response," Kyslytsia said.

He argued that the liberation of Ukrainian territories that is underway in Kharkiv and Kherson oblasts serves as proof of the effectiveness of collective efforts undertaken by Ukraine and its partners.

"The Russian Federation has already abused the Security Council on many occasions, including this week. We call on Russia to learn to respect this body. It is apparent, however, that the Russian delegation has a lot of delusions - false beliefs that are not based in reality. Hallucinations – seeing or hearing things that don't exist."

He concluded that "there's only one truly right avenue to save the lives of thousands of Ukrainian and, in fact, Russian citizens": "to surrender and withdraw".

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