Only Fans model threatened to publish tax officials’ personal details online

The Only Fans platform enables adult entertainers to sell explicit pictures direct to customers
The Only Fans platform enables adult entertainers to sell explicit pictures direct to customers - Mundissima/Alamy Stock Photo/

An adult entertainer who allegedly threatened to publish tax officials’ personal details has been made the subject of an injunction barring her from disclosing such information.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) secured the High Court injunction on Friday against Amy Spencer, an Only Fans model, and her adviser to halt their alleged campaign of harassment against officials investigating tax affairs.

HMRC claims Miss Spencer and Dr Robert Milton, her accountant, threatened to upload the details to the internet, along with “false allegations” that could “provoke hostility towards them”.

Its lawyers claim that the pair threatened to use “tracing agents” and surveillance to obtain officers’ home addresses, dates of birth and other information, causing the civil servants “alarm and distress”.

According to officials, they engaged in “unreasonable and oppressive” behaviour in order to persuade officials to drop investigations into their tax affairs.

Glamour model

Miss Spencer and Dr Milton did not attend the hearing but have denied wrongdoing and blame the glamour model’s fans, HMRC’s legal team said.

High Court judge Richard Spearman KC renewed a temporary injunction against the pair, preventing them from releasing HMRC officers’ information and requiring them to disclose what personal details they may have shared with others.

Kate Wilson, representing HMRC, said in written arguments that Miss Spencer’s and Dr Milton’s alleged behaviour was linked to an investigation into one of her companies. The barrister said that Miss Spencer and her adviser could not explain how their claim that the model “owed only £3,000 in unpaid taxes, fits with her receipt of the equivalent of £404,225.40 from her OnlyFans activities between November 2018 and March 2021”.

Miss Spencer and Dr Milton are accused of threatening to film tax officials serving papers or attending court to obtain images “to identify them publicly on a website targeting them”, and attempting to obtain CCTV images.

Ms Wilson said they had also threatened to publish officers’ personal information online “together with false and serious allegations” about their alleged “mistreatment” of Miss Spencer.

The court was told that Miss Spencer’s fans were also allegedly encouraged “to take action” against HMRC employees.
The court heard that Dr Milton had threatened HMRC officials as part of a campaign of intimidation.


In August 2022, HMRC opened an investigation into another of Dr Milton’s clients, a firm named only as YCX, over whether income and tax were being under-reported, which Dr Milton denies.

During the investigation, Dr Milton allegedly threatened tax officers that “Balkans-based agents would engage UK surveillance operators to engage in surveillance to obtain photographs of them” and that their personal information would be published on websites – “in order to hold them accountable”.

Ms Wilson said Dr Milton had warned of “severest consequences” for HMRC officers, telling them: “Please seek to do the worst that you possibly can to ourselves and Miss Spencer. And let us see who is the last man standing.”

Ms Wilson said Dr Milton and Miss Spencer denied possessing any officer’s personal data or instructing anyone to obtain it and wanted the injunction lifted.

The pair placed “all responsibility” on the model’s online followers and Miss Spencer did not blame subscribers of adult entertainment website Only Fans, but people on “other video platforms”, the court heard.

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