'Isn't this ludicrous?': Glitches, contradictions take the spotlight after first day of COVID-19 vaccine certificate in Ontario

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Wednesday was the first day of Ontario COVID-19 proof of vaccination system, which requires people in the province to show proof that they are fully vaccinated, and a piece of photo ID, to access non-essential, indoor settings.

These settings include:

  • Indoor areas of restaurants, bars, and other food and drink establishments

  • Indoor and outdoor areas of food or drink establishments with dance facilities, including nightclubs

  • Indoor areas of meeting and event spaces

  • Indoor areas of facilities used for sports and recreational fitness activities, including waterparks and gyms

  • Indoor areas of casinos, bingo halls and other gaming establishments

  • Indoor areas of concert venues, theatres, and cinemas

  • Indoor areas of bathhouses, sex clubs and strip clubs

  • Indoor areas of horse racing tracks, car racing tracks and other similar venues

  • Indoor areas where commercial film and TV productions take place with studio audiences

Unfortunately, as many Ontarians headed to the provincial site on Wednesday Morning to download and save or print their proof of vaccination receipt on Wednesday, the site was glitching.

As expected, some people took to social media to share their thoughts on the first day of the proof of vaccination system in the province, including health care professionals.

Other Ontarians also shared their thoughts on the first day of the proof of vaccination systems, several stressing the importance of being kind to the people who work at these businesses that will be checking proof of vaccination.

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