Ontario Police Officer Found Guilty After Recording Sexual Assault of Woman to 'Teach Her a Lesson'

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Jason Redmond, a constable with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Leeds County was convicted of sexual assault for having and recording non-consensual sex with an unconscious woman.

The National Post reported that Ontario Court Justice Janet O’Brien concluded that, in the video Redmond recorded, he tried to “prove” that the woman had a problem with alcohol and wanted to “teach her a lesson” about the dangers of getting inebriated.

“He made the video to show that anybody could rape her,” O’Brien said in her ruling back in February.

Redmond was charged with sexual assault back in 2021, though the assault occurred in 2017.

During the trial, the victim admitted that she had been drinking and doing cocaine with Redmond throughout the day and eventually passed out.

The following day, Redmond told the victim what he had done and attempted to show her the video he recorded.

Though she had initially brushed off the situation, others in Redmond’s inner circle found out about it and eventually took the stand during the trial.

One of the witnesses added that Redmond “was kind of laughing” about the incident.

“He appeared to find what he had done funny and was making fun of (her),” one of the witnesses testified, according to the National Post.

The judge eventually found Redmond guilty of the charges.

“Based on the circumstantial evidence, I find the only reasonable inference is that Mr. Redmond recorded himself having sexual intercourse with (the victim) while she was unconscious or in a state of near unconsciousness,” the judge said.

Redmond has had a history of trouble during his time with the OPP. Since 2015, he had been on paid leave after being involved in a local drug trafficking operation.