Oops! NBC reporter's son interrupts her live broadcast to get her attention because ... kids

Sonja Haller, USA TODAY

You can set them up with their favorite toys. You can plead with them. But young children do what they want.

So that's what happened when NBC news' national security and Pentagon correspondent Courtney Kube was giving viewers important information on Turkish airstrikes. During the live MSNBC broadcast, one of her 4 1/2-year-old twin sons interrupted her wanting to impart some information of his own.

He patted her, tugged at her and otherwise tried to get her attention from the network's Washington, D.C., bureau with hilarious results.

"Excuse me, my kids are here." she said. "Live television."

MSNBC shared the video on Twitter, captioning it, "Sometimes unexpected breaking news happens while you're reporting breaking news" with the hashtags "MSNBCMoms" and "workingmoms."

Earlier this month, MSNBC made headlines when one of its correspondents, Julia Ainsley announced her pregnancy after having to dash off live TV with morning sickness

The outlet also got people's attention when NBC News correspondent Katy Tur used her first day back at work from maternity leave to detail the harsh realities of postpartum life and to call out Congress and Ivanka Trump for not making paid family leave laws a priority.

Seeing Kube's video also reminds us of the time kids photobombed a dad and professor's interview on the impeachment of the South Korean president during a live BBC interview. The video instantly went viral. 


This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: NBC reporter's son adorably cuts into his mom's broadcast: 'Excuse me'