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Open For Business: Luk Fu Inside Live! Casino In South Philadelphia

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Vittoria Woodill reports.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: In our last hour, Tory took us inside one of Philadelphia's newest restaurants, where you can eat surrounded by cherry blossoms. So we know the place is beautiful, but how's the food? Vittoria joins us from Live! Casino in South Philly. I know you had some already. What's the verdict?

VITTORIA WOODILL: Ukee, I actually haven't tried any of this yet. I have saved it just for you and everyone at home. But you said it. I mean, the decor here is absolutely gorgeous at Luk Fu. They are celebrating the cherry blossoms blooming all over Philadelphia. So they are doing a Cherry Blossom Festival, so you can dine underneath the petals of these gorgeous flowers. So we talked about decor, let's talk about the food. We do have executive chef Ted Iwachiw here. Ted, talk to me about some of the special items on the menu for the festival.

TED IWACHIW: OK, a couple of sushi dishes here. This is the pink flower roll with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and avocado. We also have the sushi sandwich, which has a little tuna, avocado, salmon, yellowtail, as well as tobiko and tempura crunch on top.

VITTORIA WOODILL: There looks like a lot of texture to dive into there, Ted. Loving it. And what else?

TED IWACHIW: We also have here the shrimp my phone noodles. Very popular this year at Luk Fu. And one of our signature dishes here, the crispy Chilean sea bass with red soy.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Ted, if you want to crack into the Cherry Blossom Festival, feels like that's where you should start. Oh, all right. Cool, go ahead, Ted. You go for it! While Ted's going for it, because I'm going to follow your lead in a second. Natalie, you have some awesome cocktails as well as mocktails too for the festival?

- Absolutely. Closest to you we have our chambord margarita, which is the beautiful cherry blossom pink. We have a little raspberry sugar rim, made with tequila, chambord, and fresh lemon juice. Really refreshing. Closest to Ted, I have the satsumo gin cocktail, made with blue gin, satsumo oranges, Mandarin oranges. Again, very fresh, very bright. And then if you want something, if it's a working lunch, let's say, we also have our strawberry non-alcoholic bubble tea.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Loving everything. We should also mention that, obviously, 21 and older to drink. And because this restaurant is on the casino floor, 21 to get in.

- Yes, you must be 21 to get in, but you can always make reservations through opentable.com and through lukfuphilly.com.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Awesome. Natalie, while I've loved talking to you guys, I feel like I should maybe just pull my focus down here for a second, and just kind of squeeze in one of these petals really quick, Ukee. Look how beautiful that is.

UKEE WASHINGTON: That's fantastic.

VITTORIA WOODILL: You can eat a flower here.



UKEE WASHINGTON: Now, we're big fans of sushi in my house. How is it?

VITTORIA WOODILL: That is so fresh. Ukee, that is so fresh. Melts in your mouth. And the fact that it's so beautiful, and all of you have put in so much detail to this menu and the decor, everybody out there, you're going to love it here at Live! You're gonna love it here at Luk Fu. And maybe since it's Friday.

UKEE WASHINGTON: You got a food chill on that one? Oh, the goosebumps? Uh-oh.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Ooh. Yes, got the goosebumps on this. Everybody look away, though. It is Friday.

UKEE WASHINGTON: That's right. There we go. Nicely done, nicely done. Oh, so jealous, so jelly. So jelly, as they say.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Oh, that's good too.

UKEE WASHINGTON: All right, well, enjoy. And thank you. Tell everyone we said hello and congratulations.


UKEE WASHINGTON: All right, back at you. Take care. Hey--