Open For Business: Restaurant Week Coming Up In King Of Prussia

Vittoria Woodill reports.

Video Transcript

- If you're looking to make plans to dine out this weekend, Restaurant Week is coming up in King of Prussia. Many restaurants there are open for business, and they are getting ready to welcome customers for this special event. Tori is there to check out what diners can expect. Hi, Tor.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Hey, Jess. That's right. And what I love about what King of Prussia is doing is they want to make the dining experience so exciting because we just can't wait to have that feeling, right? Friends, community, family doing it in a safe way and just really crushing food, right, Rachel?

RACHEL AMMON: Oh, crushing it.

VITTORIA WOODILL: So-- yes, crushing food. So tell me, how many restaurants are participating? And just quickly break down the details of what people can expect to start on Sunday.

RACHEL AMMON: Yeah. We have 36 restaurants participating. Restaurant Week starts Sunday, April 11, runs to the 15th. And then again, 18th through the 22nd-- 10 days of deals and dining for CHOP.

VITTORIA WOODILL: So that's, like, 10 pounds that you can easily gain, and you'll be happy to do it because you're supporting incredible kids and incredible businesses, like Mary behind me. Mary, you are from Peppers by--


VITTORIA WOODILL: --Amedeos. And what are the offerings that you have here?

MARY KEENAN: These are a few of our items off of our Restaurant Week menu, but they're also some of our customer favorites. So these are our pasta purses. They are filled with ricotta and mozzarella in a vodka cream sauce, topped with asparagus, our burrata salad with toast points-- also one of our customer favorites. And this is our chicken Madeira. It's lightly sauteed with mozzarella in a Madeira wine sauce with mushrooms, [INAUDIBLE] smashed potatoes, and asparagus.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Mary, the fact that you did that without a paper to look at was incredible. And also, your dishes look incredible.

MARY KEENAN: Oh, thank you.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Thank you so much. I can feel the heart and soul. And Louis, you are from Seasons 52?

LOUIS TRONO: Yes, ma'am.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Talk to me about your offering.

LOUIS TRONO: So we have here a char filet mignon, char-crusted filet mignon. It sits over Yukon gold mashed potatoes and then served with roasted asparagus spears. And then here we have a spinach and strawberry salad. It's tossed in white balsamic, topped with slivered almonds, and then finished with a little bit of Gorgonzola crumbles.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Love it. And let us not forget the little minis over there that we all can't get enough of.

LOUIS TRONO: Absolutely. Yeah. You have the choice of one for the Restaurant Week menu. These are all on our Restaurant Week menu. And right now we're featuring our newest one, which is our coconut cream pie mini.

VITTORIA WOODILL: Fantastic. And Louis and Mary, I just wanted for you to give people the opportunity right now. We've all been through so much, restaurants in particular. What does this mean for you to have this celebratory event to bring diners back and to have them support your business?

MARY KEENAN: It's really wonderful. Last year, the shutdown happened right in the middle of Restaurant Week. We were very busy. And, of course, the shutdown happened, and everybody decided that it wasn't safe to go out, so it was kind of a bummer.

My favorite part about Restaurant Week, though, is the fact that we do get to treat a family, a patient of CHOP and their family, to a special night. Obviously, normally, it's dine-in. It will be takeout this year. But that really means a lot to us.

But it brings-- the KOP district has done so much for us this year. Restaurant Week is doing great. We have tons of reservations already on the book. And it's really-- it's a win-win for everybody. The customers get a great deal. They get great food. And then obviously, the benefit for CHOP is the most important thing.

VITTORIA WOODILL: If I could hold all of our hands and do, like, a little circle, that's how this event makes me feel. I'm going to toss it back to you guys, but this is what it's all about-- supporting one another, supporting those kids at CHOP and their families, and really doing it in a fun and safe way. I mean, this is all we can do, right? So book, book, book. Make your reservations. Starts on Sunday.

- All right, Tori.

VITTORIA WOODILL: And I'm going to eat.

- Thank you so much. Yes, enjoy.

VITTORIA WOODILL: We're about to eat something.