Operation Let's Get Cookin' To Benefit Restaurant Staff In COVID-19 Pandemic

Some of Chicago's top chefs will be sharing their culinary skills and secrets hoping for donations to the cause.

Video Transcript

- An annual charity event, which normally takes terminally ill children on a fantasy trip to the North Pole had to be canceled due to the pandemic.



- Beautiful there. The winter wonderland which provides much joy to so many families in need has given way to a new event, Operation North Pole. Bankrolled in large part by Chicago area chefs, it's now giving back to those who have helped raise funds for them for years now. With the struggles of so many restaurants this past year, the nonprofit decided to host a 12-hour virtual live telethon called Operation Let's Get Cooking, with the money raised going into the pockets of restaurant staff. Some of Chicago's top chefs will be sharing their culinary skills and secrets, hoping you will donate to the cause.

- That all the chefs united behind this-- because of the COVID, and for a good reason, is to raise money for our employees, you know. And so this is going to be a very important to a lot of us, and everybody embrace it.

- Now some really big names are going to be part of the group. Ina Pinkney, the breakfast queen is going to be one of the hosts. Among the chefs, Roland Liccione from Les Nomades and Michael [INAUDIBLE] of [INAUDIBLE] Now, it's this Sunday from 9:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night, register for free and donate if you can. And we're going to be heading to Let's Get Cooking without the-- without the Chicago.com. [STUTTERS] Pardon me, we're going to have some links for this event on our website, AT cbschicago.com. And you can find those links a little later on this morning.