Operation "Save a Life" gifts 500 families with CO detectors

After the tragic deaths during the winter weather nearly two weeks ago, one company is offering a way for families to stay safe at home.

Video Transcript

- Among the many giveaways to help our hurting communities, this one in southeast Houston not only help with immediate needs for hundreds of families, but it also offered a way for them to stay safe in their homes.

In partnership with the city of Houston, the Houston Fire Department, and ABC13, Kidde donated 500 smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Volunteers from all over the community showed up to pass out food, water, pet food, PPE, and those detectors.

- We're doing all these wonderful things to pull the community together to get through this period.

- You may remember two weeks ago, Houstonians died or were injured from fires or carbon monoxide from heating their homes in the extreme cold. Kidde learned about it and made the big donation.

In addition to the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, volunteers and community leaders also handed guests $25 H-E-B gift cards and reminded them about vaccine availability for the coronavirus.

CESAR MALDONADO: We're very blessed There's so many volunteers out here. Everyone's willing to help, everyone wants to help.

- Some 500 families got help today that could get them through tomorrow.