Operational Command Pivden (South): 4 Russian large landing ships manoeuvre in Black Sea

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Russia keeps threatening Ukraine with further attacks from the Black Sea with 14 warships deployed in its waters, including 4 surface missile carriers, equipped with 26 Kalibr cruise missiles, and 4 large landing ships.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South)

Quote: "In the Black Sea, 14 warships of the enemy fleet, including 4 surface missile carriers, equipped with 26 Kalibr missiles, continue to stay in missile-safe areas (near the southern coast of Crimea).

The presence of 4 large landing vessels was suddenly activated."

Details: According to the forecasts of the military, due to the storm at sea, the occupiers’ "landing forces, despite their quantitative presence, will be qualitatively unable to implement any crazy tasks."

However, "the sea can generously toss some mine surprises."

"Therefore, the Black Sea [coast] is not only at risk of missile strikes if the enemy is there. The danger of detonation in the coastal waters and some areas of the coast remains relevant," the Operational Command Pivden (South) sums up.

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