Ophelia the dog now recovering after being found emaciated in the North Jersey cold

Jersey Pits Rescue and Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge are in need of donations for an urgent case named Ophelia who was found emaciated at only 36 pounds in the freezing cold temperatures, with her puppies nowhere in sight.

Ophelia, a pit bull terrier believed to be 3 or 4 years old, was rescued from Summer Street in Paterson by Animal Control this month after a neighbor reported her condition. She is under the care of Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge and Jersey Pits Rescue.

According to a post on the refuge's Facebook page, Ophelia recently had puppies. Her owner reportedly sold all the puppies, moved away and abandoned her, leaving her to survive on her own in the freezing temperatures.

She has been taken to Country Willow Veterinary Hospital. It appears that starvation is the cause of her fragile state, because her bloodwork has come back normal and X-rays have not shown any types of obstruction, said an update on the refuge's Facebook page.

Ophelia is stable and is also being treated for whipworms and hookworms, the post said. She has been started on a slow refeeding schedule to reintroduce nutrition to her body and is on supporting fluids.

"Ophelia is incredibly sweet and loving, so knowing that people used her to have puppies to sell, starved her and then left her out in the freezing cold all while she was sweet and caring is just beyond upsetting," said Megan Brinster, executive director of Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, which is in Oakland. "One lesson from this is for people to understand the reality of breeding dogs, and that when someone buys a puppy this is often the reality the mom faces."

Updates about Ophelia's condition and future adoption opportunities can be found on the refuge's social media pages and websites.

Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge and Jersey Pits Rescue are asking for donations to help her and the other animals in their care.

"With fatally cold conditions surrounding us, homeless animals in our community need us more than ever. Together we are changing the landscape of animal welfare in our community, one life at a time," said the refuge's Facebook posts. "Your gift today will help Ophelia begin a new life. As you provide a warm place to rest and medical care to heal Ophelia's fragile body, you additionally allow us to continue to say yes to the next animal in our community awaiting rescue."

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People can donate to either organization to contribute to Ophelia's care.

To give through Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, check out the donation page on its website, rbari.org.

To give to Jersey Pits Rescue, check the donation page at jerseypitsrescue.com for instructions. In addition to money, it accepts supplies including food, blankets, toys, crates, bowls, beds, leashes and collars.

This was not the first urgent case the rescue has dealt with this season. Earlier this month, Jersey Pits Rescue took care of a dog named Elsa who was found malnourished outside in freezing temperatures in Haledon. Elsa's owners were both charged with third-degree animal cruelty.

This article originally appeared on NorthJersey.com: Dog rescued from cold and starvation by North Jersey shelters