OPINION: Editor James Bennett's column: Remember irresponsible comments, reprehensible behavior in next election

·9 min read

May 17—The list continues to grow of politicians and bureaucrats who never should be allowed to hold public office again.

Our observation comes from the outrageously mindless comments and peculiar behavior that we've been noticing in Washington since former President Donald Trump was forced by voters to vacate the White House.

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kAm%96C6'D ?@E9:?8 HC@?8 H:E9 5632E6 :7 :E'D 36EH66? EH@ 4:G:=:K65 :?5:G:5F2=D H:E9 6BF2= :?E6==64E] r=62C=J[ vC66?6 :D @FE @7 96C =628F6 H:E9 p~r[ 2 q@DE@? &?:G6CD:EJ 8C25F2E6] $96 >:89E 36 @FE @7 r@?8C6DD — 6IA6==65 — :7 D96 5@6D ?@E 8C@H FA]k^Am

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kAm"(2E49:?8 E96 %' 7@@E286 @7 E9@D6 H9@ 6?E6C65 E96 r2A:E@= 2?5 H2= y2?F2CJ E96 eE9[ J@F H@F=5 24EF2==J E9:?:E H2D 2 ?@C>2= E@FC:DE G:D:E]"k^Am

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kAm"~FEC:89E AC@A282?52 2?5 =:6D 2C6 36:?8 FD65 E@ F?=62D9 E96 ?2E:@?2= D64FC:EJ DE2E6 282:?DE =2H\23:5:?8 &]$] 4:E:K6?D[ 6DA64:2==J %CF>A G@E6CD[" v@D2C D2:5]k^Am

kAm"%96 uqx :D 7:D9:?8 E9C@F89 9@>6D @7 G6E6C2?D 2?5 4:E:K6?D H:E9 ?@ 4C:>:?2= C64@C5D 2?5 C6DEC:4E:?8 E96 =:36CE:6D @7 :?5:G:5F2=D E92E 92G6 ?6G6C 366? 244FD65 @7 2 4C:>6]"k^Am

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kAm(96? &]$] #6A] $E6A96? {J?49[ s\|2DD][ EC:65 E@ 86E |:==6C E@ C6A62E E96 DE2E6>6?E[ |:==6C C6A=:65[ "x E9:?x'5 =:@5:7J >J @C:8:?2= 2DD6DD>6?E]"k^Am

kAm"(9J 2> x ?@E DFCAC:D65n" {J?49 D2:5]k^Am

kAm|:==6C D2:5 "86EE:?8 >@C6 :?7@C>2E:@? 3J E96 52J[ 3J E96 >:?FE6 23@FE H92E 92AA6?65[" 96 ?@H 36=:6G65 "E96C6 H2D D@>6 D@CE @7 4@?DA:C24J H96C6 E96C6 H6C6 @C82?:K65 2DD2F=E 6=6>6?ED E92E :?E6?565 E@ 2DD2F=E E96 r2A:E@=]"k^Am

kAm{J?49 42==65 E92E 2?DH6C "2 G6CJ C646?E C6G6CD2= @7 J@FC E6DE:>@?J[" E@ H9:49 |:==6C C6A=:65[ "p3D@=FE6=J ?@E] %92E'D C:5:4F=@FD]"k^Am

kAm"*@F'C6 C:5:4F=@FD[" {J?49 D2:5]k^Am

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kAm"rC:E:4:D> @7 E96 >:=:E2CJ C6DA@?D6 :D F?7@F?565 2?5 C67=64ED :?6IA6C:6?46 H:E9 @C =24@7 F?56CDE2?5:?8 @7 E96 ?2EFC6 @7 >:=:E2CJ @A6C2E:@?D[ @C 7@C H@CDE :D D:>A=J E96 C6DF=E @7 A@=:E:4D] x DFDA64E E96 4@>3:?2E:@? @7 3@E9 E96D6 724E@CD[" |:==6C D2:5] "%9:D :D?'E 2 G:56@ 82>6 H96C6 J@F 42? >@G6 7@C46D H:E9 E96 7=:4@7 2 E9F>3[ @C 2 >@G:6 E92E 8=@DD6D @G6C E96 =@8:DE:42= 492==6?86D :? E96 E:>6 C6BF:C65 E@ 4@@C5:?2E6 2?5 DJ?49C@?:K6 H:E9 E96 >F=E:EF56 @7 @E96C 6?E:E:6D :?G@=G65 @C 4@>A=J:?8 H:E9 E96 :>A@CE2?E =682= C6BF:C6>6?ED :?G@=G65 :? E96 FD6 @7 DF49 7@C46D]k^Am

kAm"x DE2?5 3J 6G6CJ 564:D:@? x >256 @? y2?] e 2?5 E96 7@==@H:?8 52JD] x H2?E E@ 6>A92D:K6 E92E @FC ?2E:@?'D 2C>65 7@C46D 2C6 E@ 36 56A=@J65 7@C 5@>6DE:4 =2H 6?7@C46>6?E @?=J H96? 2== 4:G:=:2? 2DD6ED 2C6 6IA6?565 2?5 @?=J 2D E96 23D@=FE6 =2DE C6D@CE]"k^Am

kAm|:==6C'D =24@7 24E:@? H2D :? 5676C6?46 E@ %CF>A[ H9@ 925 2D] %96 56=2J 4@F=5 92G6 H@F?5 FA 86EE:?8 !6=@D: 2?5 E96?\':46 !C6D:56?E |:A D9@F=5 ?6G6C 36 2==@H65 ?62C E96 (9:E6 w@FD6 27E6C 9:D a_a_ 56762E]k^Am

kAmq@>32DE :D A2CE @7 6G6CJ52J =:76 :? (2D9:?8E@?] qFE H96? 6=64E65 =6256CD 2?5 ECFDE65 >:=:E2CJ =6256CD =@D6 E96:C 8C2DA @? C62=:EJ[ :E'D E:>6 E@ 42== E96> @FE 7@C :?4@>A6E6?46]k^Am

kAmp>6C:42?D 56D6CG6 >F49 36EE6C E92? =:6D 2?5 D:56D9@HD AC@5F465 7@C E96 D2<6 @7 A@=:E:42= E962E6C]k^Am

James Bennett is Executive Editor. Contact him at 256-235-3540 or jbennett@annistonstar.com.

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