OPINION/LETTER: Liberal progressives and a focus on feelings

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Liberal progressives and a focus on feelings

The letter to the editor, “Supreme Court is wrong in COVID-19 decision” (Jan, 20, 2022), shows why liberal progressives are a danger to this country. The author says the U.S. Supreme Court should have based its recent mask and vaccine mandate ruling on what he feels would be best for the “health and safety of the general public.”

His letter shows he does not understand or chooses to ignore the role of the U.S. Supreme Court in our democracy. SCOTUS is meant to be a strictly judicial body. It is not supposed to advocate for or against social policy — like mandated mask wearing and vaccination. Its job is to dispassionately decide whether government and private sector actions are constitutional.

SCOTUS ruled that the Constitution does not give the Biden administration the authority to force businesses to require employees to be vaccinated.

Liberal progressives — who are rapidly gaining influence in Rhode Island politics — are dangerous because reality, facts and the U.S. Constitution mean little to them, as the Jan. 20 letter to the editor makes clear. They demand laws and government policies be based on their feelings. Emotion-driven policies don’t make for good government.

Rational people gather facts and draw logical conclusions to make sound public policy. Liberal progressives don’t — so they should never be elected to public office.

Robert King, Middletown

This article originally appeared on Newport Daily News: LETTER: Liberal progressives and a focus on feelings

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