Opinion/Letters: Nashville a reminder of need to pass RI gun ban legislation

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Understanding the term 'woke'

I know many people don’t understand what the term “WOKE” means. It is used quite frequently by today’s generation and in today’s news. First, to understand WOKE, let's look at the word. WOKE is the past tense of wake or awake. So WOKE as used today is to awaken to something consciously, not physically. In other words, you now realize something you probably new but were not conscious of.

Now how is the term WOKE used by today's generation? This generation is becoming conscious, or awake to something they knew but was not aware of (conscious). Nothing wrong with that except what they are aware of is Marxist socialism. Something that has failed in several countries. Let the government supply everything free but don’t interfere with our lives. Let us live our lives the way we want to no matter if it infringes on other people’s lives and beliefs. In fact, let's make everyone else believe the way we do. Let us force socialism on everyone. Thus the term “critical consciousness” They WOKE up to criticize our system of capitalism. They don’t want it, so nobody can have it. The sad thing is this is being promoted by some of our best colleges by socialistic professors and it is effecting our youth.

Thayer Donovan, Middletown

Nashville a reminder of need to pass RI gun ban legislation

Recently our family received a phone call from friends in Nashville who live very close to the school where three children and three staff members were killed by a shooter carrying two assault weapons and a handgun. They could hear the helicopters and the other sounds of the presence of law enforcement nearby. Although Rhode Island and Tennessee are not close geographically, having yet another school shooting happen so near to where our friends live, brings the horror of this incident close to home. The Rhode Island General Assembly again has the opportunity to pass legislation that would prohibit the manufacture, sale, transfer, purchase and possession of assault weapons. Will state legislators have the courage this session to finally put the safety of our children before any other political considerations?

The Newport City Council has done this by voting unanimously to support current state legislation that would initiate this ban. They are concerned about the safety of Newporters and other Rhode Islanders and are willing to publicly take a stand in favor of an assault weapon ban. They are to be congratulated for saying to the Newport community that the safety of our children and all others who might become victims of a mass shooting is a priority. Yesterday Nashville…tomorrow it could be Newport if an assault ban is not in place here in Rhode Island.

Judy K. Jones, Newport

This article originally appeared on Newport Daily News: Letters: Nashville a reminder of need to pass RI gun ban legislation