Opinion/Letters: Times readers outraged by full-page ad about Martha's Vineyard

We're all immigrants

I hope the full-page paid ad in the Sept. 22 issue about the immigrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard does not speak for all the residents on the island. What gives these people the right to determine these are all bad people? And "unchlorinated saltwater swimming pools that are difficult to clean"? What? Do the authors of this ad even spend time there? Nauseating. These immigrants were already on their way through the system. I checked, did research. Citizens For Sanity. Yikes. We’re all immigrants, grow up.

Barbara Crosson, South Orleans

Ad contributed to dissemination of lies

I am writing to express in the strongest terms possible my horrified reaction to the full-page ad that was placed on page 5A of the Cape Cod Times on Sept. 22 by a group called Citizens For Sanity.

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I realize that people have the right to free speech in this country but for a community newspaper to accept an ad and be a party to the dissemination of outright lies, open discrimination and racist comments shows a lack of humanity, morality and good judgment.

Sheila Flood, West Dennis

Hate speech must be rejected

We’ll not be renewing our Cape Cod Times subscription. Your "paid advertisement" — page 5A on Sept. 22 — went way too far. Now we know what underlies corporate policies at Cape Cod Times. That in-your-face ad should not have been accepted, except as a letter with corrections. It’s exactly the kind of divisive, deceptive hate speech, yelled from a whole page, that has misled our country into destructive division and the demolition of democracy.

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Will you print ads denying Sandy Hook, with swastikas and confederate flags, when they pay you for that? It won't be long.

Independent citizens and moderate people in both parties reject the elaborate multi-decade right-wing strategy to take minority control. It uses messages like Citizens For Sanity's to mischaracterize and vilify regular citizens and honest politicians, destroying faith in elections and government by spreading fear and hatred. It threatens with guns and creates a quasi-religious fervor against fabricated conspiracies. At a time when global human society faces its most enormous challenge, as before December 1941, U.S. global leadership is paralyzed by its battle with tyranny from within.

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Yesterday, you sold the principles and standards of honest journalism and responsible media behavior to supremacist terrorists whose very mission is to defeat truth. We cannot subscribe to that.

John and Diana Lamb, Brewster

Ad disrespected Time's readers' integrity

I had to read this ad on Page 5A, Sept. 22, three times over … could not believe my eyes. I guess USA Today could not resist the revenue from a full-page ad.

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This is such a glaring example of incitement, ignorance, greed, utter selfishness and entitlement. How could you print this? I would think you would exercise some discretion and respect for your readers' integrity in accepting advertisements.

Avis Pritzker, Hyannis

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This article originally appeared on Cape Cod Times: Opinion/Letters: Ad about Martha's Vineyard sparks ire