Opportunities exist at MakerFest Job Fair

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Oct. 9—LIMA — If you're hunting for a job, part of that search should include the MakerFest Job Fair, going on from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 16, at Apollo Career Center.

"We're not only targeting graduating high school students but anyone in the public that's really looking to find a job or upgrade their existing job," said Doug Olsson, president/CEO of Greater Lima Region Inc.

The event is sponsored by Greater Lima Region Inc., Ohio Means Jobs and Apollo Career Center.

"The staff of Ohio Means Jobs will be present to help attendees put together résumés, go through some interview tips and generally help the attendees out. Businesses will be conducting on-site interviews for open job positions that they have available to them," Olsson said.

The Job Fair is all part of MakerFest.

"MakerFest was originally designed several years ago to really show the community that we have world-class employers in this region, all with the mindset of helping the community realize that you can build a successful career in this area. We all know that the region has had some difficulty with younger people leaving the area and MakerFest was designed to show not only younger people, but everyone really, that there are world-class employers right here in the greater Lima region," Olsson said.

Those looking for jobs should come prepared and if they're not, there's help available.

"They should come prepared to sit down with an employer, explore job opportunities, career opportunities. They should bring a résumé if they have one. If they don't have one, Ohio Means Jobs staff will be on-site to help them put one together right there at the event. They should be prepared to go in-depth with various employers about the job opportunities," Olsson said.

There's plenty of recognizable employers that will be at the MakerFest Job Fair.

"Procter and Gamble will be there. Nutrien will be there. Lima Memorial and St. Rita's will be there. Crown Equipment will be there. We have over 50 of the region's largest employers that will be present," Olsson said.

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