Oprah Winfrey Claps Back at Instagram Commenter Questioning Her Charitable Giving

Dave Quinn

Oprah Winfrey has many titles: talk show host, actor, author, philanthropist, producer, and now, clap back queen.

After a critic questioned her charitable efforts on Instagram, Sunday, Winfrey issued a quick response — standing by her long history of giving to those in need.

It all started after Winfrey, 65, delivered the commencement address for the graduating class at Colorado College on Sunday. Sharing a joyful photo from the day to her page, Oprah explained that she had “shook hands with all 571 members of @coloradocollege’s Class of 2019 and gave them a copy of The Path Made Clear,” her most recent book.

That’s when an online troll decided to pounce.

“Should have paid off their student debt,” the Instagram user said in a since-deleted comment captured by popular Instagram page Comments by Celebs.

The remark appeared to be a reference to billionaire Robert F. Smith, who had vowed in his commencement speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, over the weekend to pay off the student loans for the entire Class of 2019.

Winfrey, of course, has a long history of putting her money where her mouth is, especially when it comes to education (like her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, for example). Why, over the weekend, she made a $500,000 donation to a popular after-school program at West Side High School in Newark, New Jersey, NBC News reported.

So, in response to the commenter, Winfrey said, “Already paid 13m in scholarships. Have put over 400 men through Morehouse.”

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Coincidentally, Winfrey spoke about giving to others in her commencement speech at Colorado College.

“I’m here to tell you that you actually do get to transform the world every day by your actions. Small steps lead to big accomplishments,” she said. “The most important thing is how you’re touching other people’s lives.”

She also spoke out about the importance of perspective.

“The truth is, you cannot fix everything,” she said. “But what you can do, here and now, is make a decision, because life is about decisions. And the decision is that you will use your life in service; you will be in service to life. You will speak up. You will show up. You will stand up. You will sit in. You will volunteer. You will vote. You will shout out. You will help. You will lend a hand.”

“You will offer your talent and your kindness however you can,” she continued, “and you will radically transform whatever moment you’re in — which leads to bigger moments.”

Winfrey added, “You have no idea what your legacy will be.

Oprah Winfrey | Jamie McCarthy/Getty

The media mogul has been the commencement speaker at numerous schools throughout her impressive career, including Stanford, Harvard and Howard universities.

Speaking to USC graduates last year, Winfrey encouraged students to rise above the chaos of the modern era and always remember “there really is a solution.”

“Your job now is to take everything you’ve learned here to challenge the left, the right, and the center,” she said. “When you see something, you say something, and you say it with the facts to back it up. The truth has always been and always be our shield against corruption.”

“Put your honor where your mouth is. When you give your word, keep it. Do the work. Get your hands dirty,” she added. “You build a legacy, not from one thing, but from everything.”

She also offered a handy list of tips to follow in life: “Pay your bills on time, make your bed, put your phone away at the dinner table and get a good mattress — your back will thank you.”