Oprah's former cook opening The Kismet Table in Lincoln Park

She was Oprah's cook for more than a decade and she grew up in Chicago, trying to recreate recipes from the city's most iconic restaurants.

Video Transcript

- She was Oprah's cook for more than a decade. And she grew up in Chicago trying to recreate recipes from the city's most iconic restaurants. Taryn Huebner is with us live from Lincoln Park with a new restaurant shopping concept in the city. Taryn, welcome.

TARYN HUEBNER: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

- So I'm going to ask you about your new location, Kismet, in just a second. But first, I know everybody's dying to know, what is it like to cook for the queen, Ms. Oprah?

TARYN HUEBNER: An absolute dream. She's definitely my favorite person I've ever cooked for, not because it's Oprah, but because of who she is as a person.

- While you're making what I believe is going to be baked brie, I'd love to hear more about how to put it together and also about Kismet, your new private intimate dining. I'd love to learn more about the concept.

TARYN HUEBNER: OK. So I should start making it?

- Yes, please.

TARYN HUEBNER: So I'm going to tell you real quick about the brie. So this is one of the easiest things you can make. And it's super impressive, whether you're having it just by yourself at home, you're sharing it with somebody else, or you're having a whole cocktail party when you're able to have people over again.

So I like to take of the little tiny baby bries, and you have a piece of puff pastry here, and you just put it on top of the puff pastry. And then we're going to put-- I like to put a little bit of an apricot or peach jam and then maybe a little bit of the diced dried fruit there. And then we'll wrap it up like a purse, we'll bake it in the oven, and when it comes out, it's going to look like this beautiful thing.

But Kismet here, I'm so fortunate to have gotten the space in Lincoln Park. It is just it's a dream come true. And I was-- my main business was going into people's homes and doing incredible dinner parties. And when the pandemic hit, that wasn't possible any more. And so I started doing some food delivery service from home. But the kitchen was not nearly big enough for the amount of customers that I had.

So this used to be a bookstore, a cookbook store. And they did cooking classes, so the kitchen was already here. And the person who owns the building was incredible, let me just sort of move in and take over. And so I've been able to not just use the kitchen, but we've made this gorgeous space that we have in-house private dinners. And so it's like having the best dinner party ever. But you don't have to clean up.

But as we open up, we will be having a lot of grab and go, so we'll have to cheese and charcuterie and soups and just all kinds of incredible things. Just pop into the shop, and pick up, and take home and have a piece. Thank you for having me.

- If you'd like to check out the Kismet table-- so glad to have you-- it is located at 2142 North Halsted in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood.