Oracle down after-hours following earnings

Yahoo FInance's Jared Blikre joined Yahoo Finance Live to break down the key metrics of Oracle's recent earnings report.

Video Transcript

SEANA SMITH: We want to get to Oracle earnings. The stock under a bit of pressure here following those results. Jared Blikre, what do you have?

JARED BLIKRE: Yeah, the results aren't bad but we do see this stock down about 2%, 3% in after hours trading. I'll hit you with the numbers. Adjusted revenue for the fourth quarter, $11.23 billion. That's slightly higher than the Street's estimate of $11.04 billion. It is up 7.5% year-over-year. Adjusted cloud services and license support revenue, $7.39 billion. That is their biggest component. Very small beat. Wall Street was expecting $7.30 billion.

Now hardware revenue came in at $882 million. That was down slightly year-over-year, as would be expected, as companies migrate to the cloud. Another small beat. Estimate was for a little bit lower, $880.4 million. Services res-- excuse me, revenue, $8121 million. That's up 10% year-over-year. The estimate was for $724.6 million. So that was their biggest beat, although it is a smaller part of their bottom line.

Adjusted EPS, $1.54 versus $1.20 a year ago. Estimate was for $1.31. So nice beat on the bottom line. Adjusted operating margin coming in at 49%, exactly where it was a year ago. They did, the board did declare a quarterly cash dividend of $0.32 share.

And a quote from the CEO here in the document, "our Q4 performance was absolutely outstanding, with total revenue beating guidance by nearly $200 million and non-GAAP earnings per share beating guidance by $0.24. Our multibillion dollar fusion and NetSuite cloud applications businesses, they did see dramatic increases."

[INAUDIBLE], beats on both the top and bottom lines, very heavily watched company here, but the shares are down about 2%.

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