Orange, inverted new Browns jersey available creating buzz

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The Cleveland Browns have tried a variety of ways to engage their fans through the use of jerseys and uniforms. A few years ago, the team botched a new uniform that made everyone wish for past versions quickly.

The Browns rectified that as quickly as they could by donning a more traditional uniform that was met with great approval.

This season, the team unveiled their 75th-anniversary celebration uniform that includes slight modifications to the pants and jersey. The anniversary uniform has more significant changes to the helmet with the removal of the traditional stripe for just one white stripe and the addition of the players’ numbers on the side.

Still missing are the “all orange” that some fans have been clamoring for. Odell Beckham Jr. seemed to hint at them during an episode of Building the Browns:

With the availability of an orange jersey on the team shop website, fans are wondering if the “all orange” uniform could be set free this year. A quick look at the Nick Chubb from the site has social media buzzing:

What do you think about the orange jersey? Would you want to see the Browns play in “all orange,” maybe for their Halloween game?

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