Orcs ask to stop comparing them to Russians in a video Lord of the Rings actor filmed for Ukraine

“Orcs will not aim at women and children”
“Orcs will not aim at women and children”

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In the video, Baker called to save animals from war.

“I was Sauron in The Lord of the Rings, but I was shocked by the absolute evil that the Ukrainians are fighting,” said the actor. “I want to thank UAnimals who rescue animals from war.They feed, evacuate, and treat them. It's amazing and inspiring!"

In addition, the video contains a “statement” from orcs, who are protesting against the use of this word to call the Russians.

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“On behalf of the worldwide orc diaspora, I would like to make an important request,” says one of the orcs in the video. “Please don't call Russians orcs. It offends us! For many centuries we have not resorted to barbaric methods of struggle. Orcs will not aim at women and children, steal washing machines and shit on carpets. We are warriors, not some trash.”

“I heard that the Russians are shooting at zoos and killing defenseless animals,” adds another orc. “I don't understand why they did this? Please don't call Russians orcs. I feel ashamed in front of my children.”

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