What to order in or cook up when the snow piles high this weekend

Chicago Tribune staff, Chicago Tribune
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We know. it’s not exactly Snowmageddon (which paralyzed Chicago 10 years ago), but with 4 to 8 inches more snow predicted for this weekend, who can blame you if you hole up inside after shoveling the sidewalk or building snowpeople with the kids. We wouldn’t. But you’ve got to eat. That’s where we come in. Food & Dining has ideas on what to order in or what to cook up while the flakes come down.

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Our favorite family dishes each has a tale to tell, from spicy mapo tofu to maple syrup-spiked baked beans to a homey goulash. All together, these five dishes stack up to a mega potluck of sorts, and boy did we have fun tasting them in the Tribune test kitchen. As you will at home, we’re sure. See the recipes here.

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Pot au feu — the warm comfort you need now

Dinner at Home columnist JeanMarie Brownson says it best. We’ll let her speak for this bowl of goodness: “I’m thinking of the classic French pot au feu — a boiled dinner of beef, chicken, sausage and vegetables. The time investment yields a super-rich, meaty broth and tender proteins.” Get the recipe here.

Pizza — the essential snowy day survival food

Pizza is a go-to for a reason. And we don’t have to explain that. You get it, evidenced by the popularity of our 25 best pizzas roundup plus the latest addition, 7 new pizzas you need to know about.

And for Sunday brunch: biscuits and gravy

“What’s white and lumpy and hails from the American South?” asks James P. DeWan in his Prep School column. “Besides me, I mean.” DeWan goes on to insult inferior versions of the classic dish: “That’s right. It’s our old pal sausage gravy, the dish for which the adjective “mucilaginous” was invented.” Before getting to his point. He’s here to teach us how to make biscuits and gravy properly — surely a skill all of us need of a cold, wintry morning. See the recipes here.

Get your drinks to go

Why should you have to make your own drinks when plenty of Chicago mixologists would love to sell you one to go. We’ve rounded up 19 spots throughout Chicago serving adult beverages from their counter to yours. Read about the cocktails here.

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