Oregon Rep. who let rioters into Capitol expelled

Republican lawmakers have voted with majority Democrats in the Oregon House of Representatives to take the historic step of expelling a Republican member who had let violent, far-right protesters into the state Capitol on Dec. 21. (June 11)

Video Transcript

MIKE NEARMAN: Now you're considering expelling a member for the first time in history, because he thinks that people should have access to their Capitol, especially during session. I think that the citizens of Oregon should be able to instruct their representatives. I think people from interest groups and industries should be able to apply to the legislature for redress of grievances in person, in the building.

ROB NOSSE: Until the video came out, there was a part of me that just wanted to believe that Representative Nearman was just moved by the moment, and did something very dangerous and rash, out of a surge of anger and emotion. Now we know that not so much.

TINA KOTEK: House Resolution three, having received the constitutional required majority is declared adopted. I direct the Chief Clerk to notify the Secretary of State that House District 23 is vacant.