Orem man arrested twice in 2 days on drugs, identity theft, stolen vehicle accusations

OREM, Utah (ABC4) — An Orem man was arrested twice in two days after he allegedly drove a stolen car to Del Taco, was found with meth, broke into a truck, and stole someone’s identity, according to the Orem Police Department.

Robert Jesus Rodarte, 39, was arrested Sunday and faces charges of suspicion of receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle, obstruction of justice, driving under the influence, refusing drug testing, and more.

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On Sunday, Orem officers located a van reported as stolen at the Orem Del Taco drive-thru. When officers approached the vehicle, the driver fled on foot into the restaurant, the affidavit states.

Shortly after the man, identified as Rodarte, was taken into custody. Officers collected his belongings from inside the restaurant, including a bag containing drug paraphernalia, a pipe, and crystal-like substances that later field-tested positive for methamphetamine, the affidavit states.

Officers spoke with Del Taco staff, who told them Rodarte had been trying to deceive them into giving him a drink he claimed his mother bought earlier that night, although staff said they had no records of the purchase.

When officers spoke with Rodarte, he reportedly denied knowing the van was stolen, claimed his mother purchased the drink earlier that night, and admitted to using meth that day, the affidavit states.

Rodarte reportedly refused field sobriety and chemical tests and said he could not provide a urine sample.

The next day, Rodarte was again arrested, on suspicion of identity fraud.

In mid-December, a man reportedly told police that items from his truck had been stolen and his identity had been used. The man said “it appeared his vehicle had been broken into and items from his wallet were taken,” the affidavit states.

The victim’s bank notified him of two separate withdrawals of $5,000. The suspect, Rodarte, then used the bank information to make two separate withdrawals for $500 at an ATM. Additionally, Rodarte used the victim’s stolen credit cards at two Provo stores, where he spent $789.48, the affidavit states.

When officers talked to Rodarte, he reportedly denied all allegations.

Rodarte was booked into the Utah County Jail on the previously mentioned charges.

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