Original 'Real World' cast admire Kardashians, Cardi B

Members of ‘The Real World Homecoming: New York’ cast dish on how they admire reality stars such as the Kardashians, Cardi B and Paris Hilton who’ve turned their reality TV success into major brands. ‘The Real World’ is credited with pioneering the reality TV genre. (March 10)

Video Transcript

ERIC: Sometimes things fall apart before they can get better.


- People leave, and you can through breakups, but your friends are always there.



Back to reality.

KEVIN POWELL: I've also been fascinated by how the Kardashians have made it into an industry-- Kardashians/Jenners have made it into an industry for themselves. How Cardi B became Cardi B because of reality TV. You know, I've been fascinated by the genius of folks who have been on reality TV, and it's like-- it's a move. It was a career move. It was a branding opportunity.

We weren't thinking like that. I remember thinking when I did the-- we did our season, I was like, well, maybe I'll get some speaking gigs out of it. Maybe I'll get a couple of writing assignments out of it. I wasn't even thinking like, oh, I can get endorsement deals. I can get another TV show. Nothing. Nothing.

HEATHER B. GARDNER: Kim Kardashian literally walked up to me in the [INAUDIBLE] Morning Show with Khloe and Kourtney and said, I wanted to be on "The Real World."

- She did?

HEATHER B. GARDNER: She walked up to me and said that. I was like, what? Like whatever we were trying to do, y'all took it to the whole next level. So imagine that.

ERIC NIES: When I was on "The Grind," Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton came as dancers on "The Grind." And I remember talking-- they were a big fan of "The Real World," and then obviously a big fan of "The Grind."

And they were like, we love "The Real World." We would love to have our own reality show. And then, look, years later, you know, Paris had probably one of the biggest reality shows that we've seen and the Kardashians. So I mean, we've inspired so many people and changed so many people's lives.