Orinda mass shooting: Four dead after incident at ‘Halloween party’ in California

Jon Sharman
Emergency vehicles at the scene of a 'multiple shooting' in California's Bay Area: @hurd_hurd

Four people have been killed after a shooting at a Halloween night party in California, police have said, with several others injured.

The local county sheriff’s office for Orinda, northeast of San Francisco, said on Twitter: "Orinda homicide update - four fatalities, several injuries. More details coming."

NBC reported that the shooting took place during a Halloween party at a rented Airbnb property.

The attack was called in between 11pm and midnight, reports said.

A number of people were loaded into ambulances, according to the local ABC affiliate, while further victims appeared to be walking wounded.

The mass shooting comes just days after three people were killed and another nine wounded in a similar shooting in Long Beach.

The scene there was “full of chaos”, emergency workers said, with victims in their 20s apparently seen wearing Halloween costumes.