Orioles broadcasters on Nationals’ tarp situation: ‘This is funny, but it’s not’

Andrew Gillis

If 2020 couldn't get any weirder, the Orioles and Nationals had a unique moment during a rain delay on Sunday. 

The Nationals' grounds crew couldn't get the tarp on the field. 

With the Orioles leading 5-2 in the sixth inning, a brief but strong rain shower emerged over Nationals Park. And the grounds crew couldn't get the tarp out in time, drenching the entire infield. 

"It looks like it's coming out and going in, all at the same time, if that makes sense," MASN color commentator Ben McDonald said.

He then remarked the game would look like a Slip-N-Side instead of a baseball game, as standing water filled the infield. The crew had to roll the tarp back, then try again to roll it out.

What should've been just a brief delay turned into a nightmare for the grounds crew, as they had to stand in the pouring rain trying to fix a tarp that wouldn't cooperate. 

They eventually got the tarp out, but only after the rain had stopped.

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Orioles broadcasters on Nationals tarp situation: This is funny, but its not originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington