Orioles Fans Return To Camden Yards For First Time In More Than 560 Days For Home Opener

Let’s turn two! Baseball is back and so is the lively atmosphere Baltimore has been starving for since 2019.

Video Transcript

- Mark, thank you very much. Let's bring in Kelsey Kushner now. She's live at Camden Yards. The Orioles have been here in Baltimore for 67 years. It's safe to say they've never had an opening day like this.

- Kelsey, you have been talking to fans and local businesses about what this day, what this baseball season means to them.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Yeah, you guys, well, you know, what we might have lost today, but there is still one major win that we can celebrate. Of course that's fans being able to go back inside Camden Yards-- a moment they've been waiting for.

- So happy to see baseball in person again!

KELSEY KUSHNER: With the crack of a bat

- I almost shed tears as soon as I got in there.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Baseball is back in Baltimore.

- It was absolutely electric.

KELSEY KUSHNER: And there is really no better way to describe the feeling.

- Even 25% capacity-- it felt like it was 100% capacity.

KELSEY KUSHNER: For the first time in more than a year, 11,000 fans had a front-row seat for opening day.

ANNA TAYLOR: We have Baltimore on the jerseys, we have the Orioles necklace, and I have three sets of Oriole earrings.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Fans were required to wear masks and they sat in socially distant pods.

- Camden Yards is the best ballpark in all of baseball.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Outside the stadium, bars were packed with people keeping tradition alive.

- We're going to beat last year's sales by like 100%.

KELSEY KUSHNER: With a 7-3 loss to the Boston Red Sox, it may not have been the outcome everyone was hoping for.

- But it was awesome. It was great. You can't be anywhere else.

KELSEY KUSHNER: But fans like Johnny [? Kisskiss ?] say being back in the stadium is a win, no matter what.

- All that mattered in my life was the O's coming back to the yard.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Now you really could feel that energy, that excitement here at the ballpark today. Now in order to keep people safe, Camden Yards is going cashless. They're also encouraging people to skip those concession lines and instead order their their food on their app. Reporting live tonight, Kelsey Kushner for WJZ.