Orlando Sentinel Endorses 'Not Donald Trump' Just Hours Before His Florida Rally

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    I am shocked!! A news outlet doesn't support Trump!?
  • e
    We’ll be laughing all week when we look back at this rally. I bet it’ll be a classic.
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    Kevin, the Minion
    In 2016, they endorsed Hillary. In 2008 and 2012, 0bama, in 2004 - John Kerry...
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    and huggy post news where is the news on how many people attended his rally oopps you will not find that on the news
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    Tas the Devil
    Huffpost, I think we know what the media thinks of Trump. Move on to something important if you can!
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    LOL - Funny. There are over 20,000 people at his rally tonight that would disagree with the newspaper....
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    Orlando-the hometown if Disney.
    Disney-the company that promotes positive images for kids. Kids are their bread and butter and they're in favor of late term abortion. Makes sense
  • S
    Shouldn't a newspaper be neutral and just publish facts, aren't they trying to influence voters when they support a candidate?
  • J
    As the last election proved, the media DOESN"T speak for America
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    More Real 'conservatives' coming out of the woodwork--to say we've had enough is a gross understatement.