Some New Orleans tourists are shedding masks

Visitors to New Orleans are reacting to the new CDC guidance on mask-wearing. Many people in the French Quarter on Friday were not wearing them at all. (May 14)

Video Transcript

- Welcome to New Orleans.

- Straight from San Antonio, Texas, baby.

DENISE DUCKWORTH: Well, I've always been against masks, and I think all their rules have been hypocritical, and they've been confusing.

ALEX BODELL: I mean, it was an interesting time to travel and have the CDC mandate come out or guidance come out changing it. So I don't know it's going to be like when we fly back. I certainly feel a lot more comfortable and I think I'm enjoying myself a lot more here being fully vaccinated and feeling that regardless of my mask that I'm covered. I think it's going to be largely just self-compliance. And if people want to be dishonest about the situation, it's not good, but I don't know if we can actually enforce rules to really do anything about that.