Osaka restaurant features stray cats and train sets

STORY: This Japanese restaurant is home to 14 stray cats

and miniature train sets

Location: Osaka, Japan

But the Daiorama Cafeteria was not always this lively

The business had been on the brink of shutting down

when a stray kitten changed its luck

(SOUNDBITE) (Japanese) RESTAURANT OWNER, NAOKI TERAOKA, SAYING: "I was thinking whether to close down the restaurant or sell the business off at a low price so that it helps everyone. As I was deliberating between these two options, those cats appeared and our lives have been changed by that."

The restaurant has since become popular among cat lovers

(SOUNDBITE) (Japanese) CUSTOMER, YUKIKO SAKAGAMI, SAYING: "The way the cat strides between the miniature models really looks like Godzilla. I've never seen such a thing before so it's very interesting to me."