The Oscars won't have a host again after last year's surprisingly successful show

Brendan Morrow

After stumbling into a surprisingly successful host-free ceremony last year, the Oscars will forgo an emcee once again.

This year's Academy Awards will officially have no "traditional" host, ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke announced Wednesday, per The Hollywood Reporter. Burke's announcement was followed by a tweet from the Academy, which excitedly promoted the lack of a host at next month's show.

The 2019 Oscars were originally set to be hosted by Kevin Hart, who ultimately stepped down after coming under fire for old offensive tweets. No one was hired to replace him, resulting in the first Academy Awards without a host since 1989. Pundits braced for a disaster, but many came away surprised by the end result, arguing the new format allowed for a show that moved along at an enjoyably brisk pace. And after years of declines, the ratings for the Oscars actually increased. Still, no one was sure whether this new format would be maintained, especially after the host-less 2019 Emmys didn't find the same success.

Will the lack of a host work just as well for the Oscars this time? Or will last year's weirdly smooth show prove to be something of a fluke? We'll find out Feb. 9.

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