OSDH: Oklahoma reports 1,300 extra COVID-19 cases, 1,716 deaths Wednesday due to 'reconciled data'

Kelci McKendrick, Enid News & Eagle, Okla.
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Apr. 8—Oklahoma gained a total of 1,764 COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, including 1,300 cases and 1,716 virus-related deaths due to reconciled data, according to Oklahoma State Department of Health.

During a routine quality assurance check, a technical error was discovered that occurred while onboarding a particular lab to the new electronic lab reporting system, OSDH said.

"As part of our effort to transition COVID-19 case reporting away from the PHIDDO system and onto a more stable platform, OSDH has been working to onboard labs to a new electronic laboratory reporting system," according to a press release from OSDH. "As with any transition to a new system, occasional technical errors are expected. Our internal team conducts routine quality assurance checks to ensure those errors are caught and corrected in a timely manner."

Of the additional 1,300 cases, 271 were from December, 448 were from January, 296 were from February and 133 were from March.

The deaths, the press release said, aren't related to the PHIDDO system nor are they a reflection of deaths at this time, but they are instead related to a previous discrepancy in deaths reporting between OSDH and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Garfield County's death total rose by 37 for a total of 126. Other Northwest Oklahoma county death increases included 13 in Major, 12 in Woodward, 11 in Kingfisher, nine in Blaine, seven in Alfalfa, six in Woods and three in Noble. None were reported in Grant County.

The CDC/NCHS' Provisional Death Count, based on death certificates, placed the overall count in Oklahoma at 7,994 deaths in which the coronavirus was the cause or a contributor, an increase of 28 since Tuesday.

The Provisional Death Count is OSDH's primary reported number. OSDH released its weekly numbers — which OSDH acute disease service reports to the CDC — on Wednesday. The ADS shows Oklahoma has 6,669 confirmed deaths, an increase of 1,716 since last week.

According to OSDH Situation Update, the state gained 1,764 new COVID-19 cases Wednesday, bringing the total to 441,906.

On its website, OSDH shows 440,142 total cases from CDC provisional state data from Tuesday and 440,023 total cases with OSDH disease investigation summary. Of the latter number, there are 9,952 active, a decrease of 588 in the past week, and 423,402 recovered, including 1,042 in the past week.

Of the total cumulative hospitalizations in the state, 204 are currently hospitalized, with 53 in ICU, according to OSDH's Executive Report released Wednesday afternoon.

In Enid, St. Mary's Regional Medical Center reported it had one COVID-19 patient and no new deaths. Integris Bass Baptist Health Center reported Wednesday it had four patients and also no deaths.

Cases in Garfield County increased by 14 in the past week for a total of 7,710, with 160 active and 7,424, or 96.3%, recovered, according to OSDH. The majority of the cases — 6,821, or 88.5% — have been in Enid, which reported 150 active cases and 6,554 recovered.

Of the county's 126 deaths, 117 have been in Enid, according to OSDH city data, with five in Lahoma and one each in Drummond, Fairmont, Garber and Covington. Deaths listed by ZIP code on the OSDH website has Enid with 115 deaths.

There have been 2,997 cases, with 2,851 recovered and 63 deaths, from the 73701 ZIP code, primarily the eastern half of Enid, and 3,732 cases, with 3,617 recovered and 52 deaths, from 73703, or the western half, according to OSDH data on Wednesday. There were 41 recovered cases in the 73705 ZIP code, listed as Vance Air Force Base.

Weekly case increases in other Northwest Oklahoma counties included eight in Kingfisher, five in Woods, four each in Blaine and Woodward, two in Noble and one in Major. No cases were reported in Alfalfa County, and Grant County saw a reduction of one case.

Risk Level System

This week, 10 of Oklahoma's 77 counties are in the moderate, or "orange," risk level, 57 are in the low, or "yellow," risk level and 10 are in the new normal, or "green," risk level for the COVID-19 Risk Level System.

Last week, there were 10 counties in the moderate risk level, 60 in the low risk level and seven in the new normal risk level.

The 10 "green" counties are Alfalfa, Choctaw, Coal, Dewey, Ells, Grant, Latimer, Nowata, Okfuskee and Texas.

Only one county, Cimarron, in the health care system Northwest Region, is in "orange," and 2% of beds in the region are COVID-19-positive.

Garfield County, along with Blaine, Kingfisher, Major, Woods and Woodward, are all in "yellow" this week, according to OSDH.

Epidemiology Report

According to OSDH's Weekly Epidemiology Report, which is released every Wednesday, COVID-19 cases saw a decrease in the past week, but deaths were not applicable due to deaths that occurred as far back as April 2020, according to the report.

From March 28 through April 3, 2,170 cases were reported, a 9.7% decrease of 232 from the week before, March 21-27. The deaths are the 1,716 OSDH reported on Wednesday.

OSDH reported 34% of the cases were people aged 50 and older, and 96% of the deaths were in that same age group.

COVID-19 patient hospitalizations were at 5.8% statewide in a week-to-week comparison, up from 5.7% last week. Since the first case was confirmed in Oklahoma in March 2020, the number of admissions to state hospitals was at 25,320, according to the report. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 hospitalizations from March 28 through April 3 were at 213, down two from the week before, according to OSDH.

Nationally, Oklahoma ranks eighth out of all states and the District of Columbia in the cumulative incidence of reported COVID-19 cases per 100,000 population, the same spot as last week. The state ranks 24th in the total number of reported COVID-19 cases, the same as last week, and 26th in total number of reported COVID-19 deaths.

The number of positive cases makes up 10.5% of the 3,806,432 specimens tested in the state, according to OSDH. The death rate for those positive cases is at 1.5%, up from 1.1% last week.

From March 30 through April 5, 191,058 vaccine doses were administered in the state, up by 14,379 compared with the week before. The total number of vaccines administered was 1,791,071.

In Garfield County, 31.1% of people 16 and older have received the first dose of the vaccine as of April 5, and 65.9%, of people 65 and older have received theirs.

According to OSDH, 20.2%% of people 16 and older in Garfield County have completed the series, along with 52.5% of those 65 and older who have also been fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 data per other Northwest Oklahoma counties released Wednesday by OSDH:

—Woodward with 3,133 cases, 3,039 recovered, 61 active and 33 deaths, 24 from Woodward, six from Mooreland, two from Fort Supply and one from Sharon.

—Kingfisher with 2,031 cases, 1,963 recovered, 30 active and 38 deaths, 19 from Kingfisher, 11 from Hennessey, four from Okarche — which Kingfisher shares with Canadian County — two from Dover and two not listed by town.

—Noble with 1,372 cases, 1,311 recovered, 42 active and 19 deaths, including 12 from Perry, two each from Billings, Marland and Red Rock and one from Morrison.

—Woods with 1,202 cases, 1,170 recovered, 15 active and 17 deaths, 15 from Alva and two not listed by town.

—Alfalfa with 1,155 cases, 1,137 recovered, 11 active and seven deaths, with city data listing three each from Aline and Carmen, two from Helena and one from Cherokee. City data encompasses rural towns that could include those residing in neighboring counties, which could cause the discrepancy.

—Blaine with 1,020 cases, 970 recovered, 32 active and 18 deaths, five from Okeene, three from Canton and one each from Longdale and Watonga. Seven are listed in Hydro, which Blaine shares with Caddo County, and four in Geary, which Blaine shares with Canadian.

—Major with 950 cases, 911 recovered, 18 active and 21 deaths, 16 from Fairview, two from Cleo Springs, one from Ringwood and two not listed by town.

—Grant with 547 cases, 533 recovered, seven active and seven deaths, three from Wakita and one each from Deer Creek, Lamont, Medford and Nash.

Kelci McKendrick is police and court reporter for the Enid News & Eagle.

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