Ostriches and Blackbuck Hop on Scales for Weigh-in at Werribee Zoo

Ostriches, blackbuck, and lowland nyala hopped on the scale for a weigh-in at Werribee Open Range Zoo, as seen in footage released on July 25.

Werribee Open Range Zoo savannah keeper, Katie Jones, said the weigh-in allows keepers and veterinarians to keep track of the wellbeing of the animals.

“Gathering weights from animals equips keepers with information that can help to maintain a healthy body condition,” Jones said. “It also allows us to see if there are any sudden deviations in weight that may indicate signs of underlying sickness or illness, which we can then proactively investigate and provide treatment for if required.”

Werribee Open Range Zoo is home to a flock of eight ostriches,herds of 30 blackbuck and 13 lowland nyala in its woodlands habitat, which is one of multiple habitats that form part of the wider zoo savannah. Credit: Werribee Open Range Zoo via Storyful

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