Otsego waste collection event deemed successful

Aug. 30—The Otsego County Planning and Solid Waste Department called its 24th hazardous waste collection event a success.

The event was held in two stages Friday, Aug. 26, and Saturday, Aug. 27.

According to a media release from the department, Friday's "satellite" event at the Unadilla Town Highway Garage saw about 170 cars dropping off hazardous materials. The main event Saturday at the Meadows Office Complex in the town of Middlefield had about 540 cars dropping off hazardous materials. A combined total of about 710 households took advantage of the free disposal program, the release said.

Hazardous wastes commonly found from around homes were collected throughout the event, including liquid and solid wastes such as pesticides, lubricants, paint, cleaning chemicals and solvents, flammable liquids, corrosive materials and solid pesticide materials. The materials were received and packaged by MXI Environmental Services, the contracted vendor for the collection event.

This was the 12th year pharmaceuticals and medications were collected. Officers from the state Department of Environmental Conservation supervised the collection prior to the county Sheriff's Department transporting 340 pounds to Oswego County for incineration.

Other items were collected for local processing, the release said. About 240 automotive batteries, 2,400 pounds of household batteries and "a substantial number of electronics" were collected for specialty recycling.

The Otsego County Conservation Association helps to organize volunteers. The town of Unadilla, Otsego County Highway Department, Otsego County Building Services, Otsego County Emergency Services, Otsego County Sheriff's Department, state DEC and the crew from MXI Environmental Services were credited in the release for helping to make it successful.

The hazardous waste collection day is an annual public service provided by the Otsego County Board of Representatives, the release said. The state DEC covers about half the costs of the event, with the remainder coming from the county's solid waste user fee.