Outbreak poses dilemma for Palestinians working in Israel

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    AP= Arab Propaganda:
    " Palestinians can earn much higher wages in Israel than in the West Bank, where economic development has been hindered by more than a half-century of Israeli military rule."
    Is claimed in the article.
    It is a fake claim.

    The Arabs named Palestinian by the Soviet KGB in 1968 leadership choose to destroy their own economy. They preferred investing all the international funds in terror and hate.
    95% of the Arabs named Palestinians by the Soviet KGB in 1968 are in areas controlled by the PA.
    When Israel was in full charge of the area , before the Oslo agreement the income of the Arabs name Palestinians by the KGB in 1968 was several times higher compared to they current income.
    Arabs self-pity is their worst enemy and if they yield to it, they will never do anything wise in for themselves.
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    Bravo Israel.
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    Economic development in Palestine has not been hindered by Israeli occupation; it has been hindered by Islam.
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    Pretty sure the West Bank is not immune to viruses.
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    Outbreak poses dilemma for Palestinians working in Israel? You mean Outbreak poses dilemma for Arabs working in Israel, no such thing as a Palestinian just Arabs. Photo caption should read "Stone Throwing Arabs Put Down Rocks For Delousing!"
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    "Palestinians" have been making bad decisions for ages. Nothing new here.
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    We learned that Arabs pay other Arabs $5 an hour for hard labor.
    Jews pay Arabs $10 an hour. I think that speaks volumes about who is humane.
    Ironically, it's the Jews high paying jobs that brought so many Arabs to Israel to work in the first place in the late 1800's..That should teach us all a lesson.
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    What no photos of Palestinians throwing rocks at Israeli's ? Gee that's news..
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    The chosen ones look down from their ivory towers..
    Not too much concern for health and well being of the slaves..
    They have a large pool in reserve, waiting..
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    Palestinians and Israelis need to come together in order to fight the coronavirus.It's in the interest of both parties and survival of their people.