Outdoor dining is here to stay in Bucks County. We look at how and why its working

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Good morning, subscribers! Hope you were able to enjoy the lovely weekend weather as we got a break from the recent heat wave. It's certainly nice not to melt just walking outside.

I headed to Bristol Borough to enjoy some dining by the Delaware, and the tiny borough on the river was hopping. Folks were out taking in the cooler evening temperatures outside the eateries (the crab cake at King George II Inn was delicious), breweries and sweet shops (try the pineapple whip at Spad's Scoops) that are part of the growing restaurant scene there. Outdoor dining is definitely here to stay and I think both business owners and their patrons are grateful for the option and see the value.

Our Main Street reporter Michele Haddon last week looked at how towns in Bucks County are making outdoor dining work, and how it saved many businesses during the pandemic and how it is keeping many afloat now as concerns continue. Check out that story and others that were subscriber exclusives last week.

And while the weekend proved perfect for getting outside, it was also a reminder of the fleeting days of summer. I'm a fall girl myself, so I'm ready, but it's bittersweet too. We say goodbye to our talented crop of summer interns this week. These student journalists blended seamlessly into our newsroom team and helped us cover everything from sports to suburban hungry.

Sarah Siock, who is off to graduate school now, finished her summer with a powerful story highlighting the experience of many in the the LGBTQ+ community with accessing health care providers who meet their needs. She writes about the community's frustrations and the dangerous consequences when doctors and other health professionals are not tapped in and sensitive to the unique experiences and needs. It's a story we all should take time to read.

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This article originally appeared on The Intelligencer: Outdoor dining is here to stay in Bucks County. We look at how and why its working